DaVita: Redwoods Summer Analyst Spotlight

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February 26, 2018 by texasbbacareerservices

davita blogRuthvik Allala
Majors: Biology BSA and Sociology BA
Grad Year: Spring 2018
Intern role/Title: Redwoods Summer Analyst

Tell us about your intern experience.

Working at DaVita was an incredible experience with exciting opportunities to apply what I learned in the classroom and learn from various members of the company. During my internship, I was able to work on an independent project that focused on care delivery. Given the nature of my work, I had the opportunity to interview many members of the company to collect various perspectives and build my final deliverable. Prior to my internship, I participated in DaVita’s Sophomore Leadership Summit, a two day leadership conference in Denver, which afforded me the chance to interact with experienced DaVita teammates, gain leadership skills, and challenge myself in a case competition.

Tell us about your experience living in a new place for the summer.


DaVita will be on campus in April to interview for this year’s Sophomore Leadership Summit. Apply or Ask Questions: Email your resume and cover letter to Redwoods@DaVita.com. Deadline: April 1, 2018.
Learn more below.

Denver was an amazing city to spend the summer in. From its vibrant urban scene to its access to serene natural landscapes, the city offered an incredible place to spend the summer. Along with the other interns, I was able to take advantage of what was offered and get to know a small part of Denver. My favorite weekend consisted of taking full advantage of Colorado’s amazing outdoors as we went white water rafting, camped overnight, and woke up bright and early to hike my first 14er (a mountain over 14,000 feet).

What advice would you give to others as they search for an internship?

Have an open mind when it comes to seeking out internships! I heard about and became involved with Davita after luckily coming across them during a case competition. After the competition, I learned more about what they had to offer via my acceptance to DaVita’s Sophomore Leadership Summit and slowly began to consider the company as a serious part of my future. Had I not decided to try something new by competing in a case competition, I would have never been granted such a great sophomore experience, internship, and now full-time opportunity.

Can you describe how your interview went?

The second round interview day in Denver was a mix of meeting various executives from the company and participating in a series of four interviews. Even though the interviews were thorough, they went by rather quickly due to the cordial nature of our conversations. I was able to learn just as much about my interviewees as they learned about me. Overall, it was an experience that enabled me to understand what my day to day would be like and how I would make an impact at DaVita.

Learn More about the DaVita Sophomore Leadership Summit:

DaVita Redwoods Sophomore Leadership Summit 2018

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